Hello! I'm Priscilla Mosby, 20, and I'm learning ASL (American Sign Language) to work in Deaf Ministry and I plan on becoming a Biblical Counselor!

I freshly big chopped on my 2 year natural hair on August 10, 2014 so for the first time EVER, I'm rocking a twa.

May God bless you and rock out that head of yours!

Twist Out On My TWA: Check it out! (Why I Chopped My Hair Off video will be coming soon!)

Guess who chopped all her 2 year hair off on August 10 2014? #ThisGirl ! I feel MUCH better. Starting a new journey. Let the health and growth begin :)

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It’s been awhile, but I’m having a love-hate relationship with my natural hair. So I was thinking of texlaxing, but idk.. I really just don’t care anymore.. I picked my hair and this is what it looks like…. a fake afro puff lol it looks so fake.

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I can still achieve a fro with straight hair :)

Okay… I’m giving heat training another try again. I’m sorry I’m sorry! I’m also in the process of growing my whole head even so that will take me another year or less. I cut off two inches to get the fullness I wanted. I have goals now and I will sometimes rock my natural undamaged hair. Pray for me! I’m truly losing it lol

First of all, I have NO heat damage and my curls have not changed, but I tell you what. Keeping my hair straight has help grow my hair faster, but I’m gonna rock my shrinkage for now on.. forever lol. I cut my hair just because. I cut like an 1-2 inches off not caring lol I’m sort of losing my mind so yeah. I’m gonna try growing all my hair even at my collarbone/shoulder before letting it grow out more soooo yeah… I enjoyed straight hair, but I do actually miss my curls… bet you guys are happy now haha like praise the Lord! She finally got her senses back! Lol

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A year difference. Wow! Much fuller and longer! Plus I didn’t straighten it flat. I lightly straightened my hair. Natural hair never ceases to amaze me :)

(BTW, my new blog for my heat training journey is almost ready. Give me a few days… or weeks lol whenever I don’t procrastinate lol)

Well to be honest, my friends and family supported me all the way. I had to deal with “critics” (strangers) since I was almost the only one rocking natural hair. But I would say this. Do not let their opinions change what you want to do. You have a goal to have healthy hair (and I’m guessing long natural hair). That’s your goal and the closer you get there, the more people would try to turn you around. Focus on your goal and embrace your God-given hair with confidence. It’s just hair so if people don’t like you returning to your roots, that’s their problem; not yours because you have that goal in mind :)

Yeah you read the title correctly… I’m done with my natural hair… I honestly didn’t want to announce such a thing because I didn’t want the natural hair community to condemn me. I’m not getting any relaxers or texlaxing. I’m actually going to become a Blow-Dried and Flat Ironed Girl.

The reason behind such a change is though I know my hair and how it works and all, I just don’t care about it anymore and just don’t have the love towards it anymore. I love my hair, but I don’t.. confusing, yes, but also, another reason that may cause a stir is because FOR ME (NOT EVERY NATURAL HAIRED GIRL), my natural hair doesn’t fit my age. It makes me look younger than I am and as much as I love my famous curly fro, I’m just not feeling it anymore. All my life, I wanted long hair, not because I don’t love my own race/culture or whatever self hate thing may occur, but I’ve been wanting straight just because. It’s easier to manage, and I feel it’s best for me to continue a Heat Training Journey. Also, after I heard that Dominique Banks (lhdc2011) had pass, it crushed me because she was another inspiration of mine and actually got me thinking about doing what she does and grow waist length hair or whatever length straight. (I want to carry on her legacy even if I don’t come close to her because she NO ONE can replace her.)

So there you have it. I’m not going to delete this tumblr, but I think I will create another one for my Heat Training Journey when I start. I haven’t start yet. Still researching a few more things, but once I start and get my new tumblr page on it, I’ll post the link on this blog just in case you’re curious.

I know many of you will probably bash me or kick me to the curb, but it’s my hair, and straight hair is just something that I’ve always loved (not when it was relaxed though). And don’t worry. My love for afros and kinky curly frizzy hair has and will never change. I’m only 20 years old too so please cut me some slack lol I’m young and testing out the waters! If anything goes wrong, I’ll just start all over again. No big deal. Just hair lol it’ll grow back.

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A protective style I did awhile ago

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Been awhile but hello! Wanted to turn my curls to an afro today :)

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My bantu knot out fro from yesterday :)

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After 1 year amd almost 9 months, I finally know how to take care of my hair! Praise God! Kinky curls are thriving. Love it :)

I’m also amazed that Naturally Curly shared my photo on their FB page! So hyped and totally blessed for that opportunity! Thank you all who were with me on my journey and encouraged me to love my God given natural hair. May God bless each of you. ♥

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I can’t wait for bigger shrinkage

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This shrinkage though lol (at 1 year 8 months)