Hello! I'm Priscilla Mosby, 20, and I plan to become a Christian Counselor for young people and also people that deal with depression and suicidal thoughts.

I'm a 4a, 1 year and 7 months natural (Nappy Anniversary: June 25, 2012). I want my hair to get big and healthy rather than have length. I want it full and BIG at SL lol so yeah, that's basically it! I post my hair updates, videos, and my hair inspirations on here so hopefully one day, I'll be your inspiration! God Bless You :)

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My bantu knot out fro from yesterday :)

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After 1 year amd almost 9 months, I finally know how to take care of my hair! Praise God! Kinky curls are thriving. Love it :)

I’m also amazed that Naturally Curly shared my photo on their FB page! So hyped and totally blessed for that opportunity! Thank you all who were with me on my journey and encouraged me to love my God given natural hair. May God bless each of you. ♥

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I can’t wait for bigger shrinkage

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This shrinkage though lol (at 1 year 8 months)

I turned 1 year and 8 months natural yesterday :)

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Man.. I’m amazed at my fro… this is a stretched bantu knot out.

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My jumbo 3 stranded twisted bantu knot out lol Ioved this!

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You go n’ get it!

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My Pochahontas look I wore yesterday lol

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Afro queen and princess are back! Well… Afro princess is knocked out lol she’ll be back later LOL

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Woohoo! The fro is getting bigger!

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Seriously hair? Lol

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I need this stetched… now lol I cannot stand my shrinkage at the moment. SUPER kinky curly curls

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