Hello! I'm Priscilla Mosby, 20, and I'm learning ASL (American Sign Language) to work in Deaf Ministry and I plan on becoming a Biblical Counselor!

I freshly big chopped on my 2 year natural hair on August 10, 2014 so for the first time EVER, I'm rocking a twa.

May God bless you and rock out that head of yours!

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Had an awesome birthday. I’m 21… yeah I know what you’re thinking. I don’t look my age. Yes. I’m aware of that lol

My parents told me for my birthday, they were going to invest for me to get Sisterlocks :)

I couldn’t be a happier 21 year old right now…

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New hair color <3


I just rebloged this because of her fro and because she looks awesome okay.

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This photo has my mom wanting Sisterlocks in the future. I don’t blame her. She said I’m getting them first lol and then when we have the money in the near future she’ll join me. It’ll be awesome to be a Sisterlocked Mother and Daughter :)

They were beautiful shoulder length Sisterlocks. I couldn’t help but look at them. I wanted to just feel them so bad…. not to be creepy LOL

My mom noticed them first and thought they were gorgeous! They were! She was the first Sisterlocked woman I seen in my entire life.

I cannot wait for my consultation :/


a successful selfie makes a successful day.

She’s too beautiful and a new inspiration :)

Me and my Sisterlocks: This little girl is so cute! Look and watch how her Sisterlocks make her feel :D

I decided to get Sisterlocks - not as a style, but to have for the rest of my life! I am content. I am excited. I CANNOT wait to have my consultation! The only problem is that I have to wait because I need a job first lol but I’ve done A TON of research and bonded with a Sisterlock Consultant from the official Sisterlocks site and she can’t wait to meet me and my hair!

Guys, I am so happy that with Sisterlocks, I’ll still be natural and that it’ll grow the way I want them to grow. Not that I didn’t enjoy my afro growing out because girl I surely enjoyed that! I want to have long hair and I feel as if sisterlocks is the what my solution could have been for the past few years… Plus this will be a truly different journey starting out with 2-3 inch hair. I never had locs or dreads in my life, but I’m up for it and I have tons of support.

I will be making a new Tumblr page of my Sisterlock journey and I won’t delete this account because my natural hair journey has inspired many women that kinky coily curly hair can grow and be beautiful.

Thank you all for sticking around when I kept going back and forth with my natural hair. I’m so happy I didn’t texlax because I was VERY close to doing so. Plus be on a look out for my next Youtube Video soon on Why I Cut My Hair Off. God bless and I’ll let you know when the video is up on Youtube and when I get my Sisterlocks installed!


Really long story time, but it’s worth it. So bear with me:

I went to Brooklyn earlier today for some Trinidadian food, and on my way there, I struck up a conversation with a really old White dude.
Usually people trying to talk to me on the train are irritating, but this man had an interesting…

This is just so beautiful.. yet heartbreaking.

Twist Out On My TWA: Check it out! (Why I Chopped My Hair Off video will be coming soon!)

Guess who chopped all her 2 year hair off on August 10 2014? #ThisGirl ! I feel MUCH better. Starting a new journey. Let the health and growth begin :)

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It’s been awhile, but I’m having a love-hate relationship with my natural hair. So I was thinking of texlaxing, but idk.. I really just don’t care anymore.. I picked my hair and this is what it looks like…. a fake afro puff lol it looks so fake.

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I can still achieve a fro with straight hair :)

Okay… I’m giving heat training another try again. I’m sorry I’m sorry! I’m also in the process of growing my whole head even so that will take me another year or less. I cut off two inches to get the fullness I wanted. I have goals now and I will sometimes rock my natural undamaged hair. Pray for me! I’m truly losing it lol

First of all, I have NO heat damage and my curls have not changed, but I tell you what. Keeping my hair straight has help grow my hair faster, but I’m gonna rock my shrinkage for now on.. forever lol. I cut my hair just because. I cut like an 1-2 inches off not caring lol I’m sort of losing my mind so yeah. I’m gonna try growing all my hair even at my collarbone/shoulder before letting it grow out more soooo yeah… I enjoyed straight hair, but I do actually miss my curls… bet you guys are happy now haha like praise the Lord! She finally got her senses back! Lol