Hello! I'm Priscilla Mosby, 21, and I'm learning ASL (American Sign Language) to work in Deaf Ministry and I plan on becoming a Biblical Counselor!

I freshly big chopped on my 2 year natural hair on August 10, 2014 so for the first time EVER, I'm rocking a twa, BUT soon I will begin a Sisterlocks Journey! CANNOT WAIT!

May God bless you and rock out that head of yours!


New Youtube Video!

Check ‘er out!

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Finally got my video edited and all. Gonna be on YouTube in an hour or two.

New Video: Consultation + Test Locks


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Today was a VERY exciting day (October 4, 2014) because I had my consultation and met my Sisterlocks Trainee Consultant for the first time and met her consultant who is certified also! It was so awesome and immediately I felt like she was going to be great on my hair. Everyone adored my natural hair and said it was PERFECTfor Sisterlocks. I see why now! I have 8 test locks in my hair as I type…

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I gotta make a blog post about my experience with my consultant and consultation. It was AWESOME! She is a true Sisterlock consultant and I’m so blessed to be her first ever client :)

She did an amazing job on my test locks. Pictures and video on this either tomorrow or a few days later!



Hello guys! This is my FIRST post on my new blog so I decided since I’m not Sisterlocked yet, I might as well discus with ya well.. why Sisterlocks though?! There’s a story behind why so let me tell you how it all went down :)

So a couple months ago, I was heat training my hair trying to maintain it straight, but I just was falling out of love with my hair. Since this year started out horrible,…

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Finally I put a video up on YouTube about why I Big Chopped and New Journey To Sisterlocks! I need to update it though because I now found a consultant and getting my consultation this Saturday.

Lol thank you so much! Yeah my fro was something else lol but I definitely cannot wait for Sisterlocks man. Thanks for popping by! :D

Have a blessed day!

My gosh the Lord is good!

Okay remember how I was looking for a consultant? WELL I decided to go on the Sisterlock website again to check out the consultants near me and just contact all the ones that were near me but then I seen that they had updated new consultants on the site and there was a woman IN MY AREA THAT DOES THEM! I contacted her and she seems VERY professional and told me everything that was suppose to go down. She contacts me ASAP and I could ask her anything without worrying about being too annoying or nothing. I truly love that she encourages me to speak up to get what I want which are AWESOME Sisterlocks and questions/concerns answered. My consultation is this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!##$^!&$¥$*×^÷€! £÷€×^×€÷€÷€÷€

(Yeah I’m hyped lol)


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These two are my favorite Youtube Couple :)

Well the consultant I thought would be perfect seems to not return my phone calls or texts so I guess it’s on to the next one. Now I’m not jumping to conclusions that she’s no good. She may be hurt or something… you just never know. I didn’t get a chance to schedule a consultation with her nor get some more questions answered. I have two others that I’m contacting so prayerfully, I get a response from one of these two

If you’re consultant shopping, PLEASE do TONS of research on what they should be doing the day of your consultation and installation. Since this is my first time EVER getting Sisterlocks, I want my time and money with my God given consultant to be worth it and correct. I’m hoping and praying on one consultant in particular that will do them for me.

*sigh* I just can’t wait for the journey to begin :/

Hopefully I get to talk to my Consultant today! A bigger bonus would be to schedule of consultation tomorrow lol I ready for Sisterlocks!!!!! Lord, let me schedule my consultation today….

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So I did start my retightening yesterday but have to put it on a project in progress list as it’s far from finished. I’m loving the instant facelift tho.
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Welp I almost have enough money for the installation and retightens for Sisterlocks! In either October or November I’ll have them installed in my head! YEAH BABY YEAH!!!!!

PLUS, my mom is REALLY considering about getting Sisterlocks once she sees them on me and if she likes how I live with them. I truly hope she does decide to get Sisterlocks! We’ll be a locked Mother and Daughter :)

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Had an awesome birthday. I’m 21… yeah I know what you’re thinking. I don’t look my age. Yes. I’m aware of that lol